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【Global】Enjoy 10% Off at Urbanista Official Website

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We know that you love music. So do we! That’s why we create audio products that make it easy for you to listen to your favorite music wherever your daily life takes you, without compromising on either audio quality or style. We also love cities. Urban life is our endless source of inspiration: the takeaway coffee, the colorful store fronts and the variety of people going about their day. To express our profound love for the world’s greatest cities, we’ve named our products after them. Our designs are inspired by and dedicated to urban people, regardless of which city in the world they call home. Born out of a passion for color, form and a mobile lifestyle, our designs are rooted in the Scandinavian tradition. We design for life in motion.



Applicable Cards:

01UnionPay Online Payment (card number starting with 62)

Start Time:

Monday, February 15, 2021

End Time:

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Offer Content:

During the promotion, UnionPay cardholders can enjoy 10% discount when shopping at merchant’s official website with UnionPay online checkout.
Official Website: www.urbanista.com

Offer Rules:

1.       The offer can only be enjoyed at transactions which are paid with UnionPay card and transmitted through UnionPay network.
2.       The offer cannot be combined with other offers on the website.
3.       The offer cannot be divided or cashed out.
4.       Upon a possible return / cancellation of an order, cardholder will be refunded for the actual payment amount without the discount amount.
5.       For other information please refer to merchant’s official website or consult the customer service of the merchant.

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