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【Hong Kong SAR】UnionPay App “Red Packet Reward”Spend and get a random red packet up to $2,888

Merchant Name:

Red Packet Reward

Merchant Type:



Asia.Hong Kong SAR

Applicable Cards:

01UnionPay App users

Start Time:

Monday, August 23, 2021

End Time:

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Offer Content:

From 23 August to 31 October 2021, spend HKD/MOP10 or above in a single net transaction with UnionPay App online or at physical stores of merchants with acceptance of UnionPay QR Code in Hong Kong & Macau, and get a random red packet!
(The red packet is valid for 7 days from its issue day)
Red Packet Amount $1 / $2 / $3 / $5 / $38 / $2,888
Remarks: Each eligible user is entitled to enjoy the reward once per day during the promotion period.

Offer Rules:

1.UnionPay mobile application (refers to “UnionPay App”) “Red Packet Reward” for Hong Kong and Macau Spending (refers to “Promotion”) is valid from 23 August to 31 October 2021, both dates inclusive (refers to “Promotion Period”).
2.The Promotion is applicable to Hong Kong and Macau UnionPay App users registered with Hong Kong or Macau mobile phone number (refers to “User”) and transactions with UnionPay App bound with UnionPay Credit Card or Debit Card (ATM Card) with card number starting with 62 and issued by designated Hong Kong and Macau card issuing institutions (refers to “UnionPay Card”). The Promotion is only applicable in Hong Kong & Macau.
3.User is entitled to receive a random red packet (refers to “Red Packet”) upon single net spending of HK$/MOP10 or above with UnionPay App online or at physical stores of merchants with acceptance of UnionPay QR Code in Hong Kong and Macau during Promotion Period. The red packet(s) in the UnionPay App account of eligible user automatically. The UnionPay App must be updated to the latest version. Users may visit the “My red packet” page to read the details of the respective rewards in the “Red Packet Reward” item.
4.Each eligible User is entitled to enjoy the Red Packet once per day. The random Red Packet amount is set as HKD/MOP1, HKD/MOP 2, HKD/MOP 3, HKD/MOP 5, HKD/MOP 38, and HKD/MOP 2,888.
5.Red packet is valid for 7 days from its issue day. It will be deducted automatically upon spending online or at physical stores of merchants with acceptance of UnionPay QR Code in Hong Kong and Macau. The deduction amount must be no more than half of the transaction amount. Expired red packet will be cleared in system automatically and will not be reissued.
6.The total quota of red packets is 587,500 (Quota for Hong Kong: 400,000; Quota for Macau: 187,500) for the entire Promotion Period. UnionPay App’s records shall prevail under any circumstances.
7.Red packet will only be used for deduction when the spending requirement or other conditions specified by the corresponding red packet are fulfilled. It is unnecessary to open or operate with the balance page of the Red Packet when using the Red Packet. The deducted amount will be shown on completion page in app. Please refer to the details of corresponding red packet for individual terms and conditions.
8.The offer details may not be shown on the receipt when red packet is deducted. Please refer to in-app notification, actual amount debited by the bank and the transaction summary of red packet for record.
9.The red packet auto-deduction function can be set in UnionPay App and it is switched on by default. Go to “Me”>“Settings”>“Payment Settings”>“Red Package Usage Settings” for setting. Red packet will not be deducted if the function is switched off and the value will be kept under “Red Packet Reward for Macau Spending” within its validity until the auto-deduction function is switched on for spending.
10..If more than one kind of red packet are available, the system would deduct according to the terms and conditions first and followed by the one with larger deductible amount. If the deductible amount of the red packets is the same, the system would deduct the one with an earlier issue date. If the amount of the red packets is the same with a different expiry date, the system would deduct the one which would expire earlier.
11.When instant discount and red packet are both applicable and at the same time both spending requirement are fulfilled, the system will automatically prioritise to take instant discount before the deduction of red packet for the transaction amount. Red Packet cannot be used in the same transaction if instant discount is applied. Red packet cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
12.The Red Packet will not be re-issued and cannot be exchanged for cash.
13.Red Packet may not be credited to the account on time. Please contact UnionPay Customer Service Hotline if the Red Packet is not shown in app after 1 working day upon spending.
14.The value of red packet value is the same as cash i.e. HKD/MOP1 in red packet equals to HKD/MOP1 in cash.
15.Registration with the same device, same user ID, same mobile number, same bank card reserved mobile number, same bank card (physical) or same identity card number will be classified as the same user. Virtual mobile number and card number are not accepted in the Promotion.
16.The merchant list is subject to the final decision of UnionPay (Hong Kong) Company Limited (refers to “UnionPay”). Please refer to UnionPay App or UnionPay official website for the list of UnionPay QR Code merchants in Hong Kong and Macau.
17.Red packet will only be rewarded for qualified transactions excluding cancelled, refunded and reversal transactions. If the transaction is cancelled or refunded, the red packet rewarded will be cancelled and the quota used will still be counted.
18.If the transaction is cancelled or refunded, the red packet used will normally be refunded to the user account. The balance of paid amount will be refunded to the paid bank card. Red Packet will not be returned for manual refund. Please contact UnionPay if the returned amount is incorrect.
19.Participating users will be disqualified for any of the following violations (refers to “violations”):
a) Fraud transaction;
b) Participation in the Promotion for the purpose of illegal profits;
c) Participation in the Promotion by maliciously using multiple accounts (including but not limited to the same IP\same device\same registered mobile number\same bank card reserved mobile number\same bank card (including the virtual card attached to the master card)). Participation or assistance in withdrawal of UnionPay resources (including but not limited to coupons of all kinds, red packets or other rewards);
d) Participation in the Promotion by any robot software, spider software, crawler software, spamming software or other automated means;
e) Violations of the principle of good faith;
f) Implementing other cheating behaviour that is not actually receipt.
20.If there is any violation during participation in the Promotion, UnionPay reserves the right to disqualify the user and inactivate his/her UnionPay App account, forfeit the reward and withdraw the red packet issued (including the consumed amount). UnionPay reserves the right to claim against the offending users according to the seriousness of the circumstances and pursue relevant legal responsibilities.
21.As to any users and tools conducting malicious arbitrage through violating the above-mentioned terms and conditions, including but not limited to mobile number, UnionPay Card and UnionPay App etc., UnionPay reserves the right not to reward or to claim against the reward, and forbid the offending users for participating in any promotion activities in future.
22.It shall be known by the users that all kinds of uncertainties exist in the Internet. UnionPay reserves the right to suspend the relevant part of Promotion due to force majeure in the Promotion, communication route failure or large-scale computer hacking etc.
23.UnionPay shall not take any responsibility on the inability of participation in the Promotion due to the problem of user’s own electronic devices or other systems.
24.All time in the Promotion is based on the system time of UnionPay.
25.UnionPay is neither vendor nor service provider, thus UnionPay shall not take any responsibility to the products/serves/food and beverages/menu provided by the merchants.
26.In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.
27.The Promotion and usage of UnionPay App are bound by other terms and conditions. Please refer to UnionPay App or www.unionpayintl.com/hk/promotion/en/upqrcode for details.
28.In case of disputes, the decision of UnionPay will be final and binding.
UnionPay (Hong Kong) Customer Service Hotline: 800 967 222
UnionPay (Macau) Customer Service Hotline: 0800 801
Trade Promotion Competition License Number: 54826 (Applicable in Hong Kong)

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