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【Singapore】Online Merchants Instant Discount Campaign

Merchant Name:

ECommerce instant discount campaign

Merchant Type:


Merchant Description:

Qoo10, ishopchangi, Krisshop, Cold storage, Giant, FoodPanda, Deliveroo, Iherb, KLOOK, Sistic, Trip.com, Expedia, Agoda



Applicable Cards:

NoneAll UnionPay cards

Start Time:

Monday, January 11, 2021

End Time:

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Offer Content:

Register your UnionPay cards to get up to SGD 40 off when you spend at our list of participating online merchants with your UnionPay Card. (Discount rates are subject to merchants)

Register below:


Offer Rules:

1. Only UnionPay cards can enjoy this Promotion. The Promotion period is from now on till February 28th 2021.
2. The amount shown on the purchase order on the merchant’s website is the original transaction amount. The actual payment amount may differ depending on fees deducted by the card issuer. The actual payment amount is subject to the information provided by the card issuer. If the original transaction currency is not Singapore dollars, the required amount of the transaction and the reduction amount of this Promotion shall be calculated in Singapore dollars (based on UnionPay exchange rate).
3. For queries regarding the Promotion, the cardholder may call the customer service hotline number 95516, download UnionPay International app, or follow UnionPay International Wechat official account for more information.
4. This Promotion is only applicable to online transactions with designated merchants. The list of merchants shall be subject to the announcement of UnionPay International Co Ltd (“UnionPay International”).
5. In case of refunds or returns, only the actual amount paid by the cardholder is refunded. The cardholder can participate in a specific Promotion activity after registration, and the cardholder need to sign up again for another Promotion activity. The cardholder need to make the required purchase within three days (including the day for registration) to have the opportunity to participate in the registered Promotion . The total quota for the whole Promotion is on a first come, first serve basis. The cardholder can check later whether the registration is successful.
6. This promotion aims to provide more cardholders access to the Promotion. For those who unfairly use or are suspected of unfairly using the Promotion rules, UnionPay International has the right to deny them the access or eligibility to any Promotions in the future. This Promotion is organized by UnionPay International. However, UnionPay International is not a provider of goods and / or services and does not assume any responsibility for the goods and / or services.
7. In case of any discrepancy among the simplified Chinese version, the traditional Chinese version and the English version of the terms and conditions, the simplified Chinese version shall prevail.
8. This promotion needs to be registered in the official channel designated by UnionPay International in advance.
9. When signing up, please read the detailed rules and relevant terms and conditions carefully. UnionPay International’s will take the cardholder’s  registration information as is. The cardholder shall make sure the completeness, authenticity and accuracy of the registration information. If the cardholder refuses to sign up or provide the required information, the cardholder will not be able to participate in the Promotion. If the registration information provided by the cardholder (including but not limited to the mobile phone number or card number) is incorrect, the cardholder will not be able to enjoy the Promotion. If the cardholder needs to modify the registration information such as card number or mobile phone number of the cardholder within the validity period of the registration, the cardholder needs to submit the registration application again. The cardholder can withdraw the application by deleting or removing the cardholder’s account.
10. After the cardholder submit the registration, it will take about 2 minutes to take effect. After the registration takes effect, the cardholder can participate in the Promotion and enjoy the discount. UnionPay International will send notification to the cardholder’s mobile phone, including but not limited to the actual payment amount in local currency and the discount amount.

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