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[Samoseli Pirveli] Enjoy 5% discount at Samoseli Pirveli!

Visa Program Name:

CISSEE Premium

Mercahnt Name:

Samoseli Pirveli

Merchant Address:

Tbilisi, Vake-Saburtalo.Tbilisi.Georgia

Start Time:

Friday, July 10, 2015

End Time:

Friday, December 31, 2021

Offer Content:

For the Visa* Gold cardholders 5% discount is valid for the whole assortment of national traditional clothing and accesories!

“Samoseli Pirveli” – is the Georgian brand, founded in 2009. Based on the huge information, received as a result of many-year work of the designers, ethnographers, national clothes history researchers and the experience, also the photo- and museum materials, we create the quality, traditional Georgian clothes with taste for men as well as for women.

Together with creation and realization of the clothes, the “Samoseli Pirveli” company carries out the scientific-research activities and makes popularization for the cultural heritage of our country – the Georgian national garments.

We wish to underline with pride, that during the last several years we made it possible to restore the tradition, recreate the first beauty of the national garments and offer to men and women to wear the clothes that they could freely put on during holidays as well as in everyday life.  Alongside to all this, we did not impair the canonic and key tendencies.

To wear the “Samoseli Pirveli” clothes means to get dressed with dignity. 

Merchant Introduction:

Discount is valid for all goods not participating in seasonal sales and sales promotions.



Payment Types:

Credit.Debit.Pre-Paid.Visa PayWave

Applicable Cards:

Visa Gold

Redemption Channels:

In Store / Offline

Coupon Category:

Retail.SHOP.Apparel & Accessories

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