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[Teleflora Srbija] Use 10% discount for every purchase with deliveries to Belgrade and Serbia and 5% discount for deliveries abroad. For online purchases, use promo code “cvetic”

Visa Program Name:

CISSEE Premium

Mercahnt Name:

Teleflora Srbija

Merchant Address:

Belgrade.Централна Србија.Republic of Serbia

Start Time:

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

End Time:

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Offer Content:

10% discount for deliveries to Serbia and 5% discount for deliveries to other countries only with Visa Premium cards (Visa Gold, Platinum, Infinite) and Visa Business cards (including Visa Business Platinum).

Teleflora Serbia is from its foundation in 1995 devoted entirely to flowers, floral design and the awakening of floral culture and art of flower-telling.  It arouses pleasantness, esthetic feeling, as well as the feeling of being able to do something for someone. That is why for Teleflora every flower arrangement is a creative challenge. The customer can order flowers through Teleflora online store, by phone, e-mail and fax or in person by coming to Teleflora. According to each person, but also in line with the occasion, professional arrangers will select flowers, form, style and message cards that suites the clients wishes. Teleflora arrangers are creative in every arrangement, dedicated to handing preparations, highlighting the flowers and greenery, always choosing keywords and memorable details.


Merchant Introduction:

Discounts are not applicable with other promotions/discounts/offers.



EMail:[email protected]

Payment Types:

Credit.Debit.Pre-Paid.Visa PayWave

Applicable Cards:

Visa Platinum.Visa Gold.Visa Infinite.Visa Business.Visa Platinum Business

Redemption Channels:

In Store / Offline

Coupon Category:

Retail.SHOP.Flowers / Gifts

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